Edicom has been founded in 2008, from the beginning we have been focused on IT and innovative solutions. Since 2014 we have specialized in 3D technologies and AR (augmented reality) as one of the first companies in the business, in that time we have built our own engine for markerless AR.
During cooperation with our customers, we have gained experience in diverse technologies and business types, among others building advanced sale systems.
Our professional team always emphasizes high quality, efficiency and usability.


Food & Fans

Order snacks and goods during a sports event, pay cashless instantly and don't waste time in a queue.


Bring your products to life!

Magda Butrym

Browse the latest collection and buy your favorite clothes.


Protect your photos.

Localize Me

Share your location with friends and a family.

Virtual Vision

Display a virtual 3D model of a property.

Restauracja Pod Wawrzynem

Order a meal to your home.



Office and contact address

Edicom sp. z o.o.
ul. Hagera 41
41-800 Zabrze

Phone number: 🇵🇱 +48 601 712 217
E-mail address: office@edicom.pl

Headquater and billing address

Edicom sp. z o.o.
ul. Kopalniana 9
41-807 Zabrze

Tax number: PL6482656698
NCR: 0000300664
CRO: 240862201
Share capital: 100 000 PLN